My first memory of Guelph is from back in high school. I drove up to see the Weakerthans and Kid Koala at the Hillside Festival. Unfortunately, the website said that they were sold out, but I thought it would be worth it to show up and see if there was any way to get in otherwise. Turns out there were a bunch of other people hanging out at the gates too. Since Hillside is on an 'island' we hung out on the land side, sitting on an abandoned row boat, with the band 100 meters away across the water. Not a bad show! Later I got a wrist band from someone who was leaving, and snuck in that way. The only snag of the night was that I had parked in Day Parking, and so my car ended up locked-in. I got lucky and a security guard happened to be there, and he let me escape the parking lot.